Is there a hardworking lady in your life that does it all, and then some? Do you have a special someone who deserves to be spoiled? If so, consider giving them a self-care gift this Mother’s Day. Sure, there's more to self-care than at-home facials and body oils, however, these thoughtful gifts will provide these women a much-needed excuse to pamper themselves.

If you happen to add a gift or two to your cart for yourself, don’t worry, we won’t tell. Self-care starts with you, after all!

The “Mom Deserves Good Sleep” Satin Sleep Set

Pamper mom with a Kitsch Satin Sleep Set, available in Blush and Leopard. The three-piece set includes a pillowcase, eye mask, and scrunchie. All three products are made from smooth satin fabric and will make sleeping a dream.

Satin (or silk) pillowcases are said to be generally better to sleep on, as they help to reduce frizz and hair breakage, especially if she tosses and turns a lot through the night.

Eye masks are useful when blocking out light for more peaceful, uninterrupted sleep, and the padded satin will feel comfortable against her eyes and lashes. Lastly, the satin scrunchie is a great way to pull hair back gently compared to ponytail elastics that snag a lot.

This simple collection makes sleep and relaxation easy. The kit is an excellent addition to any end-of-day self-care routine.

The “Hardworking Hands Appreciation” Hand Cream

Mom’s hands are constantly on the go. She drives the kids to school, cooks meals, does chores, helps the young ones with homework, gently brushes hair tangles out and cradles faces when they’re feeling sad.

Show appreciation for all the hard work her hands do by getting her a luxurious hand cream that she can apply throughout the day. iHerb Beauty carries a large selection of hand creams but here are some of our favorites:

The “Pamper Your Skin” Body Oil 

Eminence Organics is a Hungarian skincare company that has been around since 1958. With their mission to create certified organic, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free products, the gentle, yet luxurious Apricot Body Oil will have Mom feeling good all over.

This award-winning formula is made from a blend of apricot kernel, grapeseed, sea buckthorn, and Biodynamic jojoba oils. Use this ultra-hydrating body oil after a bath or shower to lock in moisture, or try it in alternate uses such as adding it to some body lotion, adding it to the bath, conditioning dry hair ends, or as a cuticle oil.

The “Rest Your Eyes” Eye Cream

If Mom has been stressing out and staying up late to get everything done for everyone in the family, then it’s time to help her rest her eyes with a moisturizing and firming eye cream, such as the Mizon Intensive Firming Solution Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream.

Made with 42% marine collagen, this eye cream helps to smooth out fine lines and bring back elasticity around the delicate skin of the eyes. Mom will be back to smiling in no time!

The “Does It All” Face Serum

Bondi Chic Four Seasons Essence Serum is the perfect all-rounder face serum that not only has anti-aging benefits but brightens and minimizes pores too. Certified vegan and cruelty-free, there are no artificial colors or fillers buried in the ingredient lists of this Australian skincare brand.

If pigmentation, dark spots and leftover acne scarring are an issue, this essence can help to fade those marks and improve overall skin texture and tone, helping Mom look her best day in and day out.

The “Much Needed Facial” Cooling Shaper

If current circumstances aren’t allowing you to send Mom to the spa to get a relaxing facial, the Mishe Cooling Shaper for Face & Eye in Rose (also in Lotus and Cactus) is the best way to spoil her this Mother’s Day.

This stamping and massaging tool can be stored in the freezer for 1-3 hours prior to using and it will keep cold for up to 2 hours. After applying facial serums, oils or sheet masks, use the flat side to stamp or massage the face, or the small pointy side as an acupuncture massager for your pressure points, such as your temples or jaw line. 

The tool can help to de-puff the eye area, calm inflammation and redness, promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and alleviate tension or headaches. Sounds like its right up Mom’s alley.

Appreciate Your Mother All Year-Round

Although Mother’s Day is only once a year, make sure to appreciate the mom in your life regularly because she does a lot for you, whether she would like to admit it or not. It’s a great occasion to spoil the ladies in your life, so show how much you care by giving the gift of self-care this Mother’s Day.